Riot Games have launched their FPS game, Valorant globally. The game will now be available to download with no-region lock whatsoever. The game aims to compete with Valve’s world famous and most successful FPS game, CSGO. If you’re here out of curiosity to know more about VALORANT, you’re at the right place. First look of the game below. RIOT!

Valorant has teased the launch of the game, titled IGNITION: The first Episode. This comes after weeks of closed-beta access which made them fix hundreds of bugs and make improvements to the game. The game is now available globally, free to play. The official servers for VALORANT will be currently for Asia Pacific, Europe, CIS & North America. Riot Games ended the closed-beta on May 28th, clocking unbelievable numbers on Twitch.

How to download VALORANT?

The first step to acquire Riot Games’ new FPS game is to check your system requirements. If these are at par with your system configuration, head over to the guide below. Please note that the download link will work as per your region, North America, Latin America, and South America – unlocks at 1:00 pm BST, 8:00 am ET, 5:00 am PT respectively, on June 2, 2020.

  1. Download the game client from official VALORANT website. [MIRROR-1]
  2. To Install the game you’ll need approximately 35 GB of disk space.
  3. After installation is complete, sign in with your Riot ID in the game’s client. If you don’t have one you will need to create a new account.

If you were the patient one and are just about to think about playing this advanced FPS game, read our beginners guide.

While there are no significant announcements on the new agents or the maps which might come about with the official launch. It is anticipated that the features from the closed-beta will resume in the official launch with additional upgrades and improvisations. Although, Riot Games did officially announce a new agent Reyna, and an official map just around the closure of their beta. Riot Games have pretty systematically handled the development of the game in the closed-beta version with the feedback from the community.

Apart from new upgrades and fixes, they planned the server downtime and informed the gamers well in-advance about it, which is unusual in FPS gaming spectrum.

VALORANT official launch

What we do know so far about the official VALORANT launch is that the ranked gaming is not available for the gamers just yet. In other words, your ranks from closed-beta has no significance in the actual game and the rank feature will be deployed at a later stage. Riot Games have made efforts to well-known issues some of those are:

Despite the fact that the game has just launched, Riot Games already offered a hefty amount to find bugs, which is worth appreciating.

Interesting takeaway from VALORANT closed-beta have been their ability to deal with cheaters, which we anticipate will play a big role in shifting the paradigm of gamers. The CS:GO community suffers substantially due to the lack of a better anti-cheat system and equally lack of attention from its developer; which in case of Riot Games, appears to be working differently. We will be soon reporting about our experience of the game at launch, how it differs from the closed-beta and what should be your approach towards it.


Riot’s not-so-auspicious present for Hackers

Riot Games is not only taking care of the good set of gamers, they’re giving much attention to the darker side of the moon too. Valorant is now equipped with not one, but three separate ways to make the community clean of nuisance. They have identified, and developed anti-cheat systems, which is already in action.

  • In-engine wall-hack resistant ‘Fog of War’– To combat wallhacks, VALORANT employs a unique ‘fog of war’ system that omits player locations until just before line of sight contact.
  • Server-authoritative game architecture- All VALORANT games are server-authoritative, making it impossible for a player to cheat in game-defying ways,like speed hacks or teleportation hacks.
  • Riot Games’ proprietary Vanguard cheat detection – VALORANT uses the League of Legends anti-tamper system in addition to a new anti-cheat platform,Vanguard, a Riot Games owned and developed cheat detection tool that allows for consistently evolving detection methods and the ability to instantly ban cheaters. Any game with a cheater detected will be ended immediately and forgiven for all other players

Valorant Pro community

Just before the launch of the game, the competitive gaming community have their cards ready. Few of the mainstream esports organizations have already shown interested in having an official roster, and several others, one of them, TSM, has already announced their VALORANT professional roster.

Most of the European organizations have some way or the other teased the move to the new game, which will be an interesting affair over at the CS:GO community. We’ve earlier reported several times about how Valorant does makes CSGO community and its fanbase insecure by its responsiveness. However may the journey be in sight, the road ahead of the fresher is still bumpy.

The road ahead for Valorant appears to be uncomplicated, thanks to their interactive approach. What more can we expect from Riot Games for Valorant is official tournaments, global servers, a mobile-version – something we already know is in works, more maps, and a crystalline VANGUARD!

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