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Riot Games responds to major hit reg issues in VALORANT

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Hit registry is one of the most important aspects for a competitive shooter like VALORANT. Proper hit registry can be the difference between fairly winning a skirmish and losing one even after being the better marksman. Recently, the VALORANT subreddit was overwhelmed by posts claiming that the hit registry of the game was having major problems.

VALORANT’s patch 0.50 addressed a lot of underlying problems in Riot’s shooter. From economy changes, map changes, bug fixes to Sage nerfs and agent balances overall, Riot has focused on providing balance to the game and making it more enjoyable for the players. However, one change in the patch notes stood out more than the rest.

Patch 0.50 also delivered some key changes in weapon accuracies while moving or coming to a stop. While the change was theoretically good, it may have brought doom upon the hit registry in VALORANT, according to Riot dev ‘Riot_Sobey’.

After several individual posts complaining about the hit registry issues surfaced on Reddit, another post compiling some of the posts with concrete proofs accompanied by videos showcasing the bad hit registry was made by a Reddit user. Luckily, ‘Riot Sobey’ – a member of VALORANT’s hit registry team – came across the post and replied to it.

He came up with a theory which they can’t confirm if it’s “100% correct yet.” According to Sobey, this hit reg problem might just be because of the changes in movement accuracies in the last patch. He mentioned that the tracers fired from guns while moving aren’t properly synced to the server and are client-sided instead, which implies that even if the bullet tracer is hitting the enemy’s head on your screen, they might be way far off in practice.

In his second point, he claims that the spark hit impacts might be causing trouble for the players who are used to blood hit impacts due to them not differentiating clearly on a headshot and a body-shot.

However, soon after, another Reddit user came up with a video which rendered Sobey’s first point moot. The video showed that even while standing still, the bullets seem to completely miss their mark, which clearly showed the actual hit reg problem in the game.

Sobey acknowledged the fact and had also mentioned that the team is actively working on the issue. Players can certainly hope to see a patch being rolled out soon which will address the hit reg issues.

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