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Valorant new patch set to change ability prices and weapon mechanics

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Through a Tweet recently, Riot has announced about an upcoming “Beefy new patch” for VALORANT.

From hero fixes to weapon changes, patch 0.50 brings a variety of changes to the game which can potentially change the current meta of the competitive shooter. The full details of the upcoming patch are mentioned in the blog post by Riot on VALORANT’s official website.

The weapon accuracies for guns have been changed massively. After numerous complaints by the community about the recoil-reset times of the guns which made tapping or bursting terribly inefficient, Riot has decided to fix the issue. Not only did they improve accuracy of guns when coming to a stop from running, they also improved the recovery times on all rifles to make tapping and burst-firing more viable. Besides this, they reduced the accuracy of the rifles while walking. Another notable change is the reduction in price of the machine gun Ares from 1700 to 1600.

The next change is what VALORANT fans probably already saw coming – a major Sage nerf. The blog post wrote, “We all know Sage is OP.  We’ve decided to try to reduce some of her stopping power while still allowing her to fulfill her role as the premier staller in VALORANT.”

Sage’s Slow Orb duration was reduced by two seconds – from 9 to 7 seconds, while also simultaneously decreasing the slow amount from 65% to 50%. The price of Sage’s barrier Orb was also changed from 300 to 400 credits.

Cypher also received nerfs to his Cypher Cage, which will no longer slow down enemies caught in it. The cooldown on his Spy Cam was also increased from 30 to 45 seconds when destroyed by an enemy. 

On the other hand, Omen and Viper received  some minor buffs and Brimstone, Phoenix and Viper can now damage bunny-hoppers through their skills. Some ability costs for agents were also updated.

Another important change is the change on the credit cap for a play, which has been reduced from 12000 to 9000 credits, “We’re noticing that players/teams who manage to bank a high amount of credits are maintaining a rich economic state for too long, and it becomes a monumental challenge for the opposing team to dethrone their economy.”

There were also several other changes surrounding all the maps in the game along with bug fixes, quality of life changes, HUD/UI changes and some fixes to the game client which can be read in details on the official blog post by Riot.

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