Valorant Episode 7 Will Have Team Deathmatch Mode

Team Deathmatch is a highly anticipated addition to Valorant, offering a new and fast-paced gameplay mode for players to enjoy.

1The Episode 7 update brings a whole new set of maps specifically designed for Team Deathmatch, each with its own distinct layout and strategic elements.

In Team Deathmatch, each team consists of 5 players, and the first team to reach 50 kills or the team with the most kills within the time limit wins the match.

Unlike the traditional mode, there are no Spike plants or defuses in Team Deathmatch, allowing players to focus solely on fragging.

Episode 7 introduces a new scoring system, where kills with different weapons grant varying points. Some weapons provide bonus points for a kill, while others may deduct points.

Riot Games has implemented a unique respawn mechanic in Team Deathmatch. Players who get eliminated can respawn after a short delay, keeping the action intense and non-stop.

Team Deathmatch is not only a thrilling mode to enjoy with friends but also serves as a great opportunity for players to improve their mechanical skills and aim in a more relaxed setting.

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