Outsiders Win IEM Rio CSGO Major 2022 By Defeating Heroic


Having gone back empty-handed from a Major Grand Finals stage once before, Outsiders have taken down Heroic to win the IEM Rio CSGO Major.

IEM Rio CSGO Major 2022 Grand Finale Recap:

Map Veto

  1. Outsiders removed Nuke
  2. Heroic removed Dust2
  3. Outsiders picked Mirage
  4. Heroic picked Overpass
  5. Heroic removed Vertigo
  6. Outsiders removed Ancient
  7. Inferno was left over

Best Of 3 Final Map Results:

  • Mirage: 16-12
  • Overpass: 16-5
  • Outsiders Won 2-1

Overall Score:

Snapshot Via HLTV

Best Plays From IEM Rio Major 2022 Grand Finale

Quick Jame Flick

cadiaN Knife

fl1t anti eco ace


Detailed Recap:

It can be argued that Outsiders barely faced any top 5 teams in the major but no one can take this victory away from them.

A dominant victory over the Danes saw them pick up their very first Major, their first trophy under the Outsiders banner. The ex-VP roster had to face several challenges on and off the server but they fight until the end and now all of them can boast a major trophy.

cadiaN led Heroic never made it any more than a semi-finals appearance at a major will be taking on Jame’s Outsiders, who lost a Major final to Astralis in Berlin years ago, now presented with a second chance they are not willing to let it slip. Outsiders having beaten Mouz and Heroic casing the biggest upset, taking down crowd favourite Furia, we had a spicy Major final on the card.

The match started on Outsder’s pick Mirage and they wasted no time showing why they picked it. A dominant start for them on the Terrorist side saw them pick up 8 rounds as the Danes struggled to find a solution.

An unexpected 1v2 from fame changed the dynamic for Outsiders upon which Heroic failed to put up a defense that was eventually broken with ease.

Heroic responded with a pistol round victory on their offence but the Outsiders were quick to respond with a force buy victory.

Needless to say, the most inexperienced player in fame was clearly the best on the server, with enormous impact on the most crucial rounds that helped them close out their own map pick 16-12.

Heroic looked poised to answer back on their pick Overpass but all their plans fell on the face of a well drilled Outsiders.

Heroic barely managed 3 rounds while the Russians managed to pick up 12 on their defense, calling it dominant would be an understatement. Switching sides saw Heroic pick up the pistol round but Outsiders spent no time and quickly ran it back and closed the map, winning their first major 16-5.

In the face of all adversities, Outsiders, without having an organization backing them managed to win a Major. Having lost to the greatest Danish team of all time, they made it a point to not let another one get the better of them in a Major final. Heroic put in an admirable effort but just fell short against a fascinating Outsiders team.

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