Recent update confirms CSGO is moving to Source 2

Valve's update to fix Counter-Strike: Global Offensive slutter reveals that a major update is in the making.

PUBG Mobile blatantly copy weapon skin from CSGO

Esports and games often take inspiration from their peers in terms of designs and implementation of certain oddities. That is and should...

Lol Pro League team Rogue Warriors fined $400,000 for matchfixing

Rouge’s jungler WeiYan was first accused of match fixing and now the entire Team Rouge fined with a large amount, let’s break down the entire match fixing fiasco for you!

Fnatic India signs YouTuber & PUBG Mobile content creator GodNixon

GodNixon is really popular for his trips and tricks videos for PUBG Mobile on YouTube. Fnatic signing him as their content creator wasn’t really surprising, or was it?

AORUS India launches Team Up, Fight Corona campaign for Gamers

AORUS, a subsidiary brand of Gigabyte which caters to the exclusive needs of gamers has officially joined the fight against COVID-19 in...

You can now download VALORANT client, but can’t play

Riot Games' upcoming FPS title which shall be released in the summer of 2020 is available to be downloaded. But here's a...

Overwatch League player tested positive for coronavirus

Paris Eternal off-tank Eoghan “Smex” O’Neill has been tested positive for coronavirus the player confirmed. Smex is hereby the first player from...

FalleN asks fans to stay home amid coronavirus outbreak

The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has dismissed this coronavirus as "small flu" and asked his fellow countrymen to get back to work....

Nevada approves esports league betting for CSGO in a historic ruling

Coronavirus has infused fear and panic all across the world. Major sports leagues and tournaments are suspended to prevent further spreading of...

Glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone that lets you pick up guns in Gulag

What is Gulag? What is the glitch about and how does this glitch/bug affect the game overall? Let’s take a quick look

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