Fortnite Pro Tfue Calls Out Valorant For Being ‘Slow’ And ‘Boring’, says it’s a...

The 22 year old streamer sent out a flurry of hate directed towards the competitive shooter by Riot Games.

Riot bans a bunch of VALORANT beta account sellers and bottters

A lot of people claiming to sell Valorant’s closed beta accounts are being banned by Riot Games, gives a warning regarding buying accounts from sellers.

Dr Disrespect Misleads Viewers in Valorant Streams to Get More Views

The American streamer titles stream as "DROPS ALL DAY" in spite of not having drops enabled.

Shroud says VALORANT is easier than CSGO

Shroud says that Valorant is easier in comparison to CSGO, is it because of the mechanics and the gameplay? Let’s unwrap everything for you guys.

How to reduce lag and improve FPS in Valorant

Is it your connection that’s slowing down the progress while ranking up in Valorant or is it because of your PC specs? How can you boost your FPS in game and performance overall? Let’s carve it out for you.

VALORANT Shatters CS:GO’s All-Time Peak Viewer Record

Fans flood Valorant streams within hours of the closed beta release, surpassing the all-time maximum concurrent viewer count of CS:GO by a margin.

VALORANT Fans Flooding Streams With Fake Accounts to Get Beta Access

Fans are making it clear how much they want to get their hands on a Valorant beta key

Dr Disrespect says Valorant “doesn’t interest” him

Twitch star Dr Disrespect who is often seen critiquing games a lot says that watching Valorant does not interest him, wonders how playing the game is going out to be!

Valorant Rankings and Badges explained

Rank badges and their names for Valorant has been revealed by Riot Games, they look pretty cool and provide a lot of meaningful reasons to progress at the game. Time to check them out.

Everything you need to know about VALORANT

What kind of game is Valorant? When it’s releasing? What are the characters that are in this game? Let’s put an 8x focus on this game overall.

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