Thursday, October 1, 2020

ScoutOP’s YouTube account recovered after it was compromised last week

Scout retrieves his hacked account after four days and is finally back on YouTube.
Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew extends its partnership with PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile extends its partnership with Mountain dew to launch a limited-time ingame event and more.
PUBG Mobile Esports

PUBG Mobile Pro League: SEA – Teams, Schedule and more

PMPL; SEA is set to start at the end of october and the champions from each region are ready to fight for the four important seeding slots in PMGC.

Scout’s YouTube channel gets hacked

Scout's YouTube channel with 3 Million subscribers is hacked. The method or origin of hack is unknown for now.
PMPL South Asia

PMPL South Asia: Indian teams prohibited by PUBG Mobile

Indian Teams are prohibited from playing in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League Fall Split: South Asia region. First big impact of PUBG Mobile ban has taken place for its Indian esports circuit.
Pubg mobile ban

PUBG Mobile Ban in India is going to be Permanent: Report

PUBG Mobile was banned three weeks ago and reports indicate that game is not getting unbanned anytime soon.
Peacekeeper Elite League

Peacekeeper Elite League Season 3 Announced with Whooping $3M Prize Pool

Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) Season 3 starting from 25th September brings in $3 million prize pool. This becomes the highest offered prize pool in the history of PUBG Mobile Esports.
PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19 update

How to install PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19 new update

Here is a simple guide to download the latest 0.19 PUBG Mobile Lite update.

PUBG Corp. in talks with Jio to bring back PUBG Mobile in India

PUBG Corporation is in talks with Indian Telecom giant Jio for a potential partnership.

PUBG Mobile and Jio Partnership are rumors for now

PUBG Corporation is said to be scouting for a Indian firm and the suggested partnership with Jio are just rumours for now.

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