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ScreaM led Valorant team wins Fnatic Proving Grounds

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Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom is a professional CSGO player known for his impeccable aim and his ability to pop off enemies’ heads reliably. He still holds the title of the player with the highest headshot percentage in the professional scene of CSGO. Looks like the Belgian pro has found his tune in VALORANT too, as he led his team Prodigy to a win in the Fnatic Proving Grounds.

Other than ScreaM, Prodigy consisted of Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas, William “mezii” Merriman, Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu and Daniel “dafran” Franchesca.

Team Prodigy were up against team 2G4L in the grand finals of the tournament after breezing through the previous rounds and the semi finals versus team fish123. Prodigy took the first game without showing any signs of trouble whatsoever. They managed to close down game one with a scoreline of 13-3 with an exceptional performance from mixwell who occupied the top of the leaderboard followed by ScreaM taking the second position.

Game two was also pretty much a one sided showdown. Throughout the game, Prodigy seemed to be in the driver’s seat and never lost control. The last round of the game which ended 13-6 in favour of team Prodigy was particularly humiliating for 2G4L, as Shaiiko got three headshots in a row and ScreaM decided to flex his metaphorical muscles at the last enemy, putting him down with a knife kill.

ScreaM was crowned as the MVP of Fnatic Proving Grounds due to his consistent performance throughout the tournament. While ScreaM hasn’t been seen shining on the CSGO professional scene lately, it seems like hey might just be the next star of VALORANT.

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