India’s Entity Gaming is now among the world’s top PUBG Mobile teams

After securing a top 5 finish at the PUBG Mobile Club Open FALL Split Global Finals, Entity Gaming have established themselves as...

Acer Predator India qualifier: Players unhappy with rulebook and Qualifiers

ACER PREDATOR LEAGUE 2020 Indian qualifier runs into controversy: players unhappy with rules and qualifiers format

PUBG Global Championship 2019 group stage revealed

PUBG Global Championship 2019 group stage and exclusive items are here

16-year-old PUBG addict who faked his own kidnapping rescued in Hyderabad

A 16 year old, who faked his own kidnapping was rescued from a bus terminal in Hyderabad, after initially demanding a ransom...

FaZe Clan wins PUBG Europe League, EU’s PUBG Global Championship teams decided

FaZe Clan delivered an incredible performance in the final week of PEL Phase 3 as they took home two consecutive PEL in...

PUBG hits an all time low when it comes to daily player counts

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, one of the big names in the league of Battle Royale games available on Pc as well as consoles...

Registrations Open for IGZ PUBG Champions Series Season 2

IGZ is set to host a PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Tournament for PC starting from 12th October 2019 with a prize pool of Rs...

PUBG Mobile: ESL Mobile Open August finals will decide 3 spots for Milan Games...

Milan Games Week is one of the biggest expo events on the planet which features new games related services as well as...

PUBG Mobile introduces Global Treasure Hunt; participate and earn rewards

A Global Treasure Hunt has been announced within PUBG Mobile where players can complete in-game missions and stand a chance to win...

Watch! PUBG Maps in Real Life

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale game which rose to supremacy soon after its release. Currently, PUBG has over 400...

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