PUBG PC gets new weapons – Mortar and M79 in the 14.2 patch notes update

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KRAFTON, the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, released the new patch notes update featuring two new weapons, Mortar, and M79. Besides this, a new feature: DBMO Swimming is also been introduced along with improvements that have been made to Team Deathmatch Taego areas.


Once the weapon is acquired, it takes up a primary slot. It can only be deployed on flat surfaces but cannot be deployed on cement, iron, concrete, water, or wooden floors, or inside buildings. The players can deploy the Mortar by Left-click and cancel the deployment by pressing the “F” key. It needs a total of three seconds for deployment.

The character crouches automatically once the firing mode gets activated. The character cannot move until the firing mode gets released. The player must have ammo in the inventory to fire. There is a one-second delay between fires. The weapon can be used in Normal, Custom matches along with Custom Match Sandbox Mode. Mortar and ammo both spawn inside buildings and do not spawn in Supply Crates or Secret Rooms. It can shoot between 121m to 700m in distance.


The new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher that was created to provide quick smoke cover on longer ranges. Blind your enemies, cover your downed teammate or make a grand escape from a losing battle. Once the weapon is acquired, it takes up the pistol slot. It cannot be used in a vehicle’s driver’s seat.

Once it hits an object that’s more than 10m far away, the projectile will release the first smoke effect followed by a second one a few seconds later. Once it hits an object that’s less than 10m far away but fails to explode on impact, only the second smoke effect will be released after 3 seconds. It weighs 14 and can stack a max of 5 ammo.

The weapon can be used in Normal, Custom matches along with Custom Match Sandbox Mode. It will not be available in Training Mode to prevent other players from getting interfered with by the smoke effect. However, we will consider adding it in later updates.Spawn Location

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