Entropiq Beat Astralis in Huge Upset to put Defending Champions’ Hopes in Jeopardy at PGL Major Stockholm

Four Time Major winners, Defending Champions – Astralis have just been sent tumbling down to the 0-2 loser’s matchup on Day 1 of the Challenger’s Stage of PGL Major Stockholm. After Losing to Danish rivals Copenhagen Flames earlier on, Astralis lost in a similar fashion with a 16-6 scoreline, to become the first team to go down 0-2. They will now play a Best of 3 elimination match and need to win, or they are out of the Major.


1. Entropiq removed Inferno

2. Entropiq removed Nuke

3. Astralis removed Mirage

4. Astralis removed Vertigo

5. Astralis removed Ancient

6. Entropiq removed Overpass

7. Dust2 was leftover

The ‘puggiest’ of all the maps in the pool, Dust2 was chosen – one that has always been a playground of CIS AWPers from s1mple to degster. 

Astralis never got things going and it was evident from the start as they won just 1 of the first 8 rounds. Viktor ‘Lack1‘ Boldyrev was on point with his entries as he helped his team rocket to an 8-3 scoreline. Astralis’ CT setups were all over the place, evidently still trying to gel together well with new signing Phillip ‘Lucky’ Ewald as they posted 5 CT rounds to end the half 10-5.

Returning IGL Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander had all the fans’ hopes high for his return, and although he fragged out really well, the strats just werent there. Astralis won just 1 T round, one where they split the B site from mid, but apart from that single hiccup it was a complete lockdown from the Russians as they powered through to a 16-6 win.

Entropiq are now 1-1 after their 2 games today and will play an opponent with a similar record. Astralis are down 0-2 and will play an elimination game, a Bo3 to remain in the Major and defend their crown.