Nolan’s Flick Set To Be Screened At Fortnite

Epic Games are known for taking unorthodox methods to keep their flagship multiplayer FPS in the conversation of the world’s elite multiplayer...

Fortnite Mobile made $1 Billion from microtransactions in 2 years

According to a report by Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Epic’s most popular battle royale game, Fortnite has made more than...

Fortnite sets new all-time total players record

Fortnite is on its way to become the world’s most popular game as it exponentially grows its player base.

Fortnite skill based matchmaking removed in Squad

Fortnite developers have finally pulled the plug on skill-based matchmaking in squad mode.

Fortnite bans 9 Year Old Professional Player for 4 years

Zennon, a Fortnite player who is only 9 years old found himself banned from the game for 1,460 days which rounds up...

UK’s 16 Year Old Fortnite Millionaire Joins Excel Esports

Excel Esports have signed Jaden Ashman, a 16-year old boy who is a record breaking Fortnite player to represent the org at future events & tournaments. Let’s find more about Jaden & Excel Esports.

Video showing FaZe Dubs cheating in Cash Cup finals surfaces

Dubs has managed to get himself in the midst of yet another controversy which can potentially cost him a ban.

Travis Scott Spotify plays rose by 25% after Fortnite concert

The Fortnite effect: Travis Scott's new single made Spotify's biggest streaming debut of 2020

Travis Scott’s music concert in Fornite breaks previous viewers record

Fortnite has once again shattered its own record by breaking the previous record set during Marshmello's in-game concert.

5 leaked Fortnite items that are coming very soon

What’s was all in April 8 update in Fortnite? Despite being a small update it had something hidden in the game files? How did it hint towards upcoming changes to the battle royale in nearby future?

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