Riot launched their tactical FPS “Valorant” just a month ago and the game has already caught the attention of fans and players all around the world. When it comes to players using unfair means to get ahead in the game, Riot Games is sparing none.

However, the tech behind Riot’s anti-cheat detection system has been a topic of controversy since the release of the game. The system was designed to stop several malicious attacks and to enhance the overall protection, but instead it led to driver problems, frequent disconnects and frame drops at times that led to an outrage among the fans and players.

Despite the criticism, it was revealed that the system is doing its job well. The system makes use of Fog of War and server authoritative movement netcode along with machine learning research and player reports & data analysis to identify the cheaters and ban them from the game. As per Riot’s K3o, this is just the beginning.

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Riot is looking to release the game in other regions as well. The full game is expected to release somewhere around the summer of 2020.