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The Valorant’s Closed Beta has Ended

Riot Games 5v5 character based tactical shooter, Valorant’s closed beta has officially ended. The worldwide launch of the game is set to come out on Tuesday, June 2. Let’s find out what will happen with player progression, in-game items you purchased and what happens to the valorant points once the global version is out.

Valorant tweeted something regarding the same on their official handle.

What about the progress made & valorant points after the official launch?

All player progressions from the closed beta such as agent contracts, skins, rank, etc will reset after the official launch. Everything you earned in beta like exclusive gun buddy will get carried over. Each VALORANT point spent over the course of the beta will be sent back to the player’s pockets with a 20% bonus. (1000 valorant points will be converted to 1200 valorant points after being sent to the respective player)

Valorant’s official launch will include extensive alterations to the game with new map, game mode & a new agent, all making their first appearance along with some balance changes coming to the game as well. The game’s anti-cheat system will be upgraded as well.

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The countries & regions that did not get access to Valorant during its closed beta will also be given the access to play after the official launch. However, this will exclude regions like India, Vietnam and Middle East as of now. But Oceania & South East Asia and most of the regions around the world will be going online with the game.

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