Valorant release date, new agent, new map: Everything you need to know

Only a week left before the conclusion of the closed beta.

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Riot’s new competitive shooter named VALORANT had made a successful closed beta debut on April 7th this year. Despite its small flaws in the game mechanics or the anti-cheat system, it has yet managed to win the hearts of millions of fans worldwide with its unique gameplay, constant updates, and great interaction with the community from developers. Furthermore, it may have also forced Valve to ship out a steady stream of updates on their title – CS:GO.

Recently Riot had announced the news of VALORANT moving out of its closed beta stage and making an official release. Through another blog post, they have elaborated on that. 

We have compiled together all the information that’s known so far regarding the official release of VALORANT. Here’s everything you need to know:

Release Date

Previously, Riot had announced that the final release of VALORANT was scheduled to be in Summer 2020, and it seems like they’re sticking to their words.

After about six weeks of undergoing a closed beta phase, an official release date for VALORANT was finally confirmed through a blog post on May 21. As we had covered earlier, Riot has claimed that VALORANT will officially light up on June 2nd.

Currently, VALORANT is only available for certain specific countries, but after the official release the game will be made accessible for all the regions across the globe.

New Agent

Though not officially announced, the latest blog post on VALORANT’s official website teases a new agent besides the ones currently available to play during the closed beta.

While mentioning their preparations for the final launch of VALORANT, Riot left a picture in between the paragraphs which possibly teases the launch of a new agent in the game.

The image shows all the currently available agents in the game side-by-side, but if you take a closer glance towards the right of the picture, you can clearly see part of an extra leg (which possibly belongs to the upcoming new agent).

New Map

The CGI trailer which Riot released for VALORANT on May 21 shows off a new map for the game which hasn’t been released yet.

Screen grabs from the new maps had already surfaced previously, and the new trailer showcases it more precisely as Jett and Phoenix are seen flexing their skills.

The new map is rumoured to be called Ascent and was previously datamined by a Redditor who claimed that the new map can be themed after Italy.

With all the hype for a new agent, new map, and new servers, fans are sure to be waiting eagerly for the release date to arrive. The closed beta ends on May 28th, and all the progress from the closed beta is likely to be lost on the official release of VALORANT.