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GameStop, Nike, Rolex Stores Looted in New York City Amid Protests

America is experiencing one of its worst public outrage, after a Minnesota Police Officer was accused of charges of murder involving the death of Geroge Floyd, a black man. The wide protest began in the country demanding the arrest and investigation of the Police Officer. Pres. Donald Trump assured the investigation will be done independently by the FBI and the accused will be put to a fair trial.

The pictures and videos circulating on social media paint a pretty disturbing picture of the on-going protest in America. In the middle of the protests, people have resorted to rioting in most parts of the country. From jewelries to foot wears, everything is up for stealing in the middle of the march protests.

Nearby, a GameStop store in Union Square, New York, appears to have become the victim of the mob, a video shows, people break-open the window panes and rush into the store, looting.

Rioters have grabbed stuffs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from the retail stores including the ones from Nike, Louis Vuitton & other luxury stores. The vandalism is just not stopping near the Union Square in New York City. Urban Outfitters, Sephora and Timberland locations were also ransacked, according to Fox9.

Police said they arrested thousands of people over the weekend. Some were arrested outside of shops in Soho, Bedford and Bowery reports. Bloomingdale’s, Chanel, Rolex, and Diesel stores were looted.

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