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When will Valorant go live?

Check out the live countdown timer to the release of VALORANT.

After making its mark on the world of esports over the duration of almost two months, the VALORANT closed beta which started on April 7th, has come to an end on May 28th. During this short period, it reached several milestones and broke multiple records in terms of viewership on Twitch. VALORANT had a peak viewer count of a whopping 1.7 million viewers on Twitch at the very day of its closed beta release, breaking the all-time peak of CSGO in a matter of hours.

As days passed, the player count of Riot’s competitive shooter also kept on increasing. With more and more beta keys dropping from Twitch streams, more players were getting access to the closed beta of the game. Recently, Riot has revealed that VALORANT was seeing a daily average of about 3,000,000 players, which is certainly unprecedented in the closed beta phase of any game in history.

These numbers are set to increase further after the official release of the game. Riot had promised lots of improvements to the game on its release which has further escalated the hype revolving around VALORANT. The promised improvements range from performance improvements, ping improvements and fixes to the FPS drops which were experienced by the players in the beta.

If you’re wondering about the release date of VALORANT, Riot has scheduled it for the 2nd of June. Here’s a countdown timer for the much anticipated release of VALORANT:

However, through a tweet on June 1st, Riot has made it clear that the launch timings of VALORANT will differ based on your geographical location. For instance, if you’re living in Asia you’ll have access to VALORANT the earliest, but if you’re an American, it’ll take you the longest to boot.

Besides the previous improvements, Riot has also announced an upcoming new agent, a new map to be named ‘Ascent’, and new servers for the players to play in. The new agent is to be named ‘Reyna’ and her gameplay trailer has already been released by Riot through their social media handles.

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