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Red Bull Flick Finland winners caught cheating; disqualified

The Finnish open qualifier for Red Bull Flick was plagued with a couple of hackers who apparently won the event at first. Red Bull Flick is a 2vs2 tournament with €20,000 on the line. The star players of ENCE Esports – Aleksi “allu” Jalli and Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen also encountered the duo of cheaters and eventually lost 3-1 in the showmatch.

The hackers’ nicknames are woldes and jezay, while they played under ‘boss osuja’ banner. One of them apparently has a bunch of VAC banned accounts as well. In the following video, it is clearly evident that both of them were tracing enemies through the surfaces and pre-firing at unusual angles.

The Finnish open qualifiers had lots of teams and hackers reaching all the way through the finale is indeed a cause of concern for tournament organizers. On May 24, Red Bull claimed that they had received “community feedback on suspected hackers” and said that FACEIT was investigating the players and their gameplay. They further claimed that if the players have used cheats, it will be separately reported later.

The whole event was played out on FACEIT, a well-known matchmaking platform for CS:GO. The event allegedly used FACEIT anti-cheat. It’s anti-cheat is pretty solid though the hackers have bypassed it. The initial response from FACEIT admin also seemed quite vague. “If they are cheating, AC will ban them,” the admin said.

However, Red Bull has released yet another statement earlier today confirming the disqualification of the hackers and announced a new winner that would advance to Europe closed qualifier. Due to time constraints, the second placed team, Enhanced Esports Club consisting of ykis and Mikzuuu, will be the winner of Red Bull Flick Finland.

Bhavya Shah
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