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Souhit Dey

Riot address conduct, ethics code in Valorant

There will be no place for harassment in VALORANT.

Fortnite sets new all-time total players record

Fortnite is on its way to become the world’s most popular game as it exponentially grows its player base.

Fortnite skill based matchmaking removed in Squad

Fortnite developers have finally pulled the plug on skill-based matchmaking in squad mode.

Creator of HestiaNet Anti Cheat, which caught thousands of hackers, got banned in CSGO

The creator of the CS:GO Anti-Cheat system 'HestiaNet' just got game banned.

LaLiga to bring in NFL, NBA stars to compete in charity esports tournament

La Liga’s North American venture with Relevent Sports has made a partnership with Uninterrupted to launch an exclusive FIFA esports tournament for athletes only....

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