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Souhit Dey

Minecraft fame Dream admits to cheating

In what comes as surprising news for the Minecraft community, popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has once again responded to the accusations of him cheating...

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 – map and all locations

New map and location changes leaked for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Man in Taiwan forced to sell PS5 after wife discovers it was not an air purifer

The PlayStation5 (PS5) made its way into consumer market worldwide on 19th November, 2020. Sony enjoyed a lot of success as their next-gen console...

DAMWON Gaming signs Khan To League of Legends roster

Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, the former T1 and FunPlus Phoenix top laner has been signed by world champions DAMWON Gaming. According to announcement from the...

Riot Games fire executive over ‘abhorrent’ George Floyd post

Ron Johnson, the Global Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games, had recently shared a post on his personal Facebook account which ended up...

Fans are asking riot to add Mans Not Hot dialogue for Phoenix in Valorant

Fans now want Riot to add “Mans not Hot” voice line for phoenix.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will let you feel in-game raindrops

The next generation of PlayStation consoles will provide in-game immersion like never seen before.

Riot shows off Valorant beta infograph with bug fixes and banned account numbers

Riot Games shows us how our feedback made Valorant a better game

CSGO Grenade Texture Upgrade Codes found in Dota 2 Battle Pass Update?

CS:GO might finally find a solution to its long awaited smoke bug outline fix in Source 2.

New CSGO update fixes grenade inconsistency

Earlier today, CSGO Dev pushed an update to the game to make sure that all grenades are now always displayed consistently between all players.

Riot address conduct, ethics code in Valorant

There will be no place for harassment in VALORANT.

Fortnite sets new all-time total players record

Fortnite is on its way to become the world’s most popular game as it exponentially grows its player base.


Valorant Agent 24: All you need to know

Everything we know about the new Valorant Agent 24 so far!

MrBeast’s New $500,000 Challenge Faces Backlash from Community

MrBeast's "Spend 100 days in this locked room with a random stranger for $500,000" faces backlash over health concerns.

Twitch Employees Fear for Their Jobs as Layoffs Continue

With TwitchCon right around the corner, Twitch employees have...

GHATAK Addresses GodLike Esports vs Global Esports Controversy

In the aftermath of the recent controversy involving GodLike...

MortaL Pledges to Donate Live Stream Chat Revenue Following Controversy

In the midst of a heated controversy, S8UL Esports’...