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Man in Taiwan forced to sell PS5 after wife discovers it was not an air purifer

The PlayStation5 (PS5) made its way into consumer market worldwide on 19th November, 2020. Sony enjoyed a lot of success as their next-gen console was very well received among fans upon launch. Fans all around the world were fighting for a chance to bag themselves a PS5 due to its limited stocks which led to insane demand for the console.

During the global PS5 outage we came across a weird story from Facebook which caught our attention. Jin Wu, a man from Taiwan posted about his bizarre encounter with a PS5 reseller. While recalling the encounter on his Facebook post, he explained the situation where he had agreed upon purchasing a PS5 from a reseller. According to Wu, it was the cheapest PS5 he could find on the market and the reseller was awfully eager to sell it off for some reason.

Both of them had planned to meet up at a previously agreed upon location. When the reseller arrived, he turned out to be a middle-aged man. Wu confirmed that the man definitely looked like someone who knew a thing or two about video games. As Wu’s story goes, he then struck up a conversation with the man regarding the contents of the package.

After some digging, Wu finally managed to figure out the backstory of the man and his PS5 and presented us with the grand revelation. Apparently, the man had tricked his wife into believing he had purchased an air purifier instead of a brand new PS5. Sadly, to his dismay, his wife had figured out his scheme and subsequently forced him to resell his console.

Wu’s encounter has been compared to viral South Korean cartoon by JangBijju on Youtube by many Facebook users in the comments. In the cartoon, a man tried to fool his wife into believing that his newly bought PS4 console was actually a wi-fi router.

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