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What are Ranking Points in Free Fire

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle-royale game and similar to any other game in the genre, the competitive spirit is preserved in this through the ranking system. The ranking system in Free Fire ranks each player according to their skill level and higher tiers have greater competition. The ranks are decided according to a specific metric known as Ranking points or RP.

What is RP (Ranking System) in Free Fire?

There are a total of seven tiers in Free Fire ranking system starting from Bronze and as one climbs up, they will face fierce competition and tougher enemies. When a player’s account reaches level 5, they gain access to ranked matches and their journey to climb the ladder begins. The seven tiers in Free Fire are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Heroic
  • Grand Master

Bronze and Silver are the most basic tiers in Free Fire and each of them have their own three subsections. The road from Gold to Diamond includes four sub-ranks and one may face tough competition while climbing through this phase. Most of the Free Fire veterans are usually ranked between the Platinum and Heroic tiers.

The highest tier in Free Fire is known as Grand Master and this is the most prestigious rank in the game. The Grand Master rank is only awarded to the top 300 players in the server and these rankings reset every day. It is extremely hard to maintain this rank.

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Ranking Points Details

Ranking Points is the metric through which players rank up in Free Fire. These points are awarded as a combination of survival points, kill points, standings and other statistics of each game. Players with exceptional performance, higher kill and consistent wins can rank up very quickly in Free Fire.

It is very easy to rank from Bronze to Gold but the road ahead is quite tough as the skill bar increases with each rank. The ranks also reset every season and hence, players need to continue the grind for every season to climb the ladder consistently.

At the end of every season, the ranks reset as given below:

  • Bronze and Silver to Bronze I or II
  • Gold and Platinum to Silver I or II
  • Diamond, Heroic and Grand Master to Gold I or II

Here is the detailed bifurcation of Ranking Points needed to climb to any designated rank you want. Passing the point limit will rank up your account to the next tier.

Credits: Free Fire Blog

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