Free Fire FFCS Redeem Code: How To Claim FFCS Rewards

Quarantine lockdown saw a vigorous rise in the number of players across all mobile games. The recent ban on PUBG worked as a catalyst for FreeFire as their active player count went off the roof in the past few months.

To celebrate a successful conclusion of the Free Fire Continental Series, Garena established viewership milestones to distribute rewards among the viewers. Upon reaching 150k viewers will get a free character from the pool of 23 characters, reaching 300k will get viewers a level 8 character card, and reaching 450k will get viewers a Let’s Go emote.

How To Claim FFCS Rewards

How To Get Lets Go Emote In Free Fire:

Follow these steps to get Free Fire FFCS Rewards

  1. Tap the calendar icon on the Free Fire home screen.
  2. Head over to the FFCS 29/11 tab.
  3. Tap on 150k live watching, 300k live watching, and 450k live watching tabs respectively.
  4. Collect the rewards from every milestone you’ve covered.
f2222 free fire code
Lets Go Emote In Free Fire
Free Fire Lets Go Emote Claim Reward Page

Free Fire Character Pool –

The 23 characters included are:

  1. Kapella
  2. Notora
  3. A124
  4. Kla
  5. Kelly
  6. Maxim
  7. Caroline
  8. Laura
  9. Rafael
  10. Wolfrahh
  11. Alvaro
  12. Antonio
  13. Paloma
  14. Wukong
  15. Olivia
  16. Ford
  17. Shani
  18. Hayato
  19. Moco
  20. Steffie
  21. Misha
  22. Miguel
  23. Nikita

 The rewards can be claimed from 11 AM IST on 30th November to 4:00 AM IST on 7th December.