PS5 black friday sale

The first sale of PS5 in the US was on 12th November. However, it started selling like hot cakes and became out of stock soon. The reason is its high-demand and a huge number of pre-orders.

Since Black Friday sales started, PS5 is one of the most desired devices during the whole sale. Sony PS5 has two versions that you can buy – Digital Version (price – $400) and the disc-drive version (price – $500). In the US, there are a lot of shops from where you can buy PS5 such as Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, Kohls, Target, etc. Check out the exact sale times and the specific site you need to check.

Buy PS5 during GameStop Black Friday Sale

GameStop is one of the most popular gaming retailers in the US. They are going to have new stock for the Black Friday sale at 7 AM (local time) on 27th November. GameStop has confirmed it already. You can also get a bundle offer on their official website. Although it’s not confirmed, there is a chance that GameStop will provide a bundle offer the same as they provided on 23rd November.

Buy PS5 during Walmart Black Friday Sale

Walmart restocked both of the PS5 edition and the sale started at 9 PM ET on 25th November. However, the sale started on time, and just after a few minutes, the website got crashed due to heavy traffic. No one knows when PS5 will be available again on Walmart.

Buy PS5 from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Kohls

You probably know about the Kohl’s restock that happened last week but they canceled it for the excessive number of pre-orders. New bundles may appear soon on the Khols official website.

Amazon has no stock of PS5 for now. They also didn’t confirm any restock during the Black Friday sale. However, Amazon may launch a few bundles next week on their official website.

The American retail giant Best Buy launched their Black Friday bundle on 22nd November. However, PS5 is now sold out on their official website. Best Buy didn’t confirm anything about PS5 restock yet.

PS5 is also sold out on the Target official website. Moreover, there isn’t any bundle available on Target.

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