How to get Gold Camo in COD Mobile

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The latest CODM update introduces a revised weapon system. The new weapons menu features a Gunsmith, new weapon camos, blueprints, and new weapon Nerfs & Buff;. All of these options collective form the new Weapons menu after the update.

New weapon camos are free, but users need to grind to acquire them. Players will be able to unlock basic camos with least efforts given the fact, players can pick up 100 kills without much effort. Most desired camos like Gold and Platinium have been an unique part of former COD games which now have trasitioned to mobile. Both these camos are hardest to unlock but not difficult at all.

How to unlock Gold Camo in COD Mobile

To unlock the Gold camo for any weapon, players need to get hold of other camos that involve Sand, Dragon, Splinter, Tiger, and Jungle. Players need to complete a unique mission for every camo in the game. Tap on the desired camo to find out the unique mission and select the Unlock button upon completion. For example to unlock the “Tagged camo,” players will need to knock out 15 enemies with hip fire.

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Once players get every camo of the desired gun, the game will reward them with a Golden Camo which is unique in its own way. Just hop into a map where you feel most comfortable, and get as many kills as you can, chances are you’ll complete a few missions before realizing it.

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