Out of the 85 total Call of Duty medals, 42 can be acquired via Multiplayer. Each medal marks a specific achievement that the player must earn via completing specific tasks. The Ruthless medal is one of those 42 medals which can be earned from multiplayer mode. Earning this medal is not as simple as every other one given the challenge involved, continue reading to find out why.

The Ruthless medal is listed as a killstreak medal in Multiplayer. Players can get the medal once they get 15 kills without dying in any multiplayer mode of their choice.

Follow these steps to get the Ruthless medal in COD Mobile:

  • Head over to multiplayer mode.
  • Select a loadout of choice.
  • Get into any game mode on any map.
  • Get 15 kills at a stretch without dying to earn the medal.

Earning the Ruthless medal is harder job than what it is portrayed to be. The grind involve is quite hard, tiring and frustrating, players need to be adept at game to earn this, thus making it hard for less skilled players to earn it.