How to download Free Fire OB25 Advance Server on Android

Free Fire OB25 update is live on advanced servers but an activation code is required to access the game. The code is provided to limited few and hence, the access is restricted for casual gamers.

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Free Fire will be pushing a new update on their advanced server. The OB25 update will be the next update that will bring changes and add new features to Free Fire advanced server. The advanced server is similar to any beta version of the game where the update is first tested before getting released globally and here is how to download the game.

Free Fire OB25 update will be available from 26th November on the advanced servers and the global update will be released on December 9th. Players have a short time frame to test the version and report any bugs they encounter. Early registration has already begun for the Free Fire advanced server and the users with android devices can access the game one week earlier than the global release.


Follow these simple steps to download the OB25 update. Remember that the advanced server update is only limited for android devices.

  • Visit Free Fire Advanced server official website.
  • Login with your Facebook ID and then you will be redirected to the download section.
  • After the download tab is enabled, simply click on download.
  • Install the game and you are good to go.


The activation code is not globally available and only those with some special roles and powers can get access to the Advanced servers in Free Fire. This code is only given to those players who are official partners with Free Fire under the FF Partner Program and the rest of casual players cannot access the game until this code is somehow leaked or provided by the owner.

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Players who do not have any platform where they upload Free Fire content and just play the game for fun will have to wait for some time before trying their hands on the latest update.

There is one way through which players can probably access the game. According to Free Fire content creator Roar Gaming, casual players can get access to the advanced server by using activation code provided by others. Here, others indicate those content creators and influencers who have officially partnered up with Free Fire and have access to the game or those who have received an invitation through the registration process.

Players can gain access to the game only through an activation code but we recommend you to wait for some time as the latest update will be pushed around December and all the features with a more stable version of the game will be provided to the player base in the next update.