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Souhit Dey

Fans are asking riot to add Mans Not Hot dialogue for Phoenix in Valorant

Fans now want Riot to add “Mans not Hot” voice line for phoenix.

PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will let you feel in-game raindrops

The next generation of PlayStation consoles will provide in-game immersion like never seen before.

Riot shows off Valorant beta infograph with bug fixes and banned account numbers

Riot Games shows us how our feedback made Valorant a better game

CSGO Grenade Texture Upgrade Codes found in Dota 2 Battle Pass Update?

CS:GO might finally find a solution to its long awaited smoke bug outline fix in Source 2.

New CSGO update fixes grenade inconsistency

Earlier today, CSGO Dev pushed an update to the game to make sure that all grenades are now always displayed consistently between all players.

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