Valve accidentally pays TI9 prizemoney to EG instead of OG

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Dota 2 is a very popular MOBA game and it is well known for its high prize pool tournaments. When considering multi-million dollar events like The International (TI), there are is a lot at stake. Every year teams from all over the world come to test their mettle at the event for a chance to win the massive prize pool that it hosts. This escalates the event to be the single biggest showdown of the Dota 2 pro circuit. Fans and the community also mark their calendars every year just to watch the epic saga of the event.

Last year, the champions were OG. They had a perfect run at the event and had proved why they were to be considered the best team in Dota 2 history. TI9 marked their second consecutive TI win after TI8 which made records since prior to this, no team had managed to achieve this feat. With their win, OG had secured a lion’s share of 15.5 million dollars from the total prize pool of 34 million dollars at the event.

The synopsis of the above events only lead to what we are reporting to be the biggest mishap of Dota 2 history. Valve claims that due to human error, the prize winnings of OG at TI9 were transferred to EG (their rival organization) instead. As per reports, one of the Valve employees mixed up the names of the two organizations during the accounting process which lead to the mishap. The rivalry between EG’s Dota 2 captain Tal “Fly” Aizik and OG’s Dota 2 captain Johan “N0tail” Sundstein is very well known among fans, and this sprouts the inter-organizational rivalry. It is shocking and hilarious in a way that out of all the teams, EG were the ones who ended up receiving the prize winnings of their rival organization OG.

Needless to say, this mishap has caught both the teams off-guard and none have made any comments or statements about the same. We are in as much shock as we expect the teams to be in, and we eagerly await further updates from the side of Valve as well as the affected organizations.

Stay tuned for more follow-up news and Git-Gud.

The content of this article is an art of fiction. Take this in light humor, April Fool!

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