Shroud, LIRIK, Nadeshot & other known names reveal Valorant first impressions

Famous streamers got an early shot at Valorant? What they had to say about the game and the very first impression of it? What was written in their tweets for the game? Let’s have a look!

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With Valorant’s first beta releasing on the 7th of April in selected regions, some of the known and popular streamers got the chance to try out the game earlier than anyone else. It’s pretty clear that Riot Games is banking on some of the most-watched streamers to convince their fans and audience to try out their Project A: Valorant and these streamers can surely make a good amount of fans play the game once it is available to them.

Just in case you don’t know Valorant is Riot’s FPS game which a similar approach just like CS: GO. However, it features unique characters that have their own unique abilities like we have seen in games like Overwatch & Paladins. Riot’s Valorant is a new contender in the crowded FPS market.

We have seen this trend in the past when Apex Legends also utilized influencers from YouTube and Twitch to do the marketing for them. Here’s what the biggest names in the streaming, content creation & esports had to say about the game:

These influencers will be uploading and sharing their recorded gameplay from the 3rd of April and onwards as the closed beta goes live from the 7th of April. The official release is expected to be around the summer of 2020 but nothing has been confirmed yet. If you also want to try out the game during closed beta, then visit this article to find out how!

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