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Daniel is a YouTube editor based in Thailand, apart from devoting time in video editing he loves to write about the gaming news. Daniel is originally from the eSports city, Poland.

The evolution of mobile gaming in Brazil

The evolution of mobile gaming in Brazil represents a fascinating journey through a landscape where culture, technology, and gaming intersect uniquely. As the largest...

League of Legends Worlds 2022 Information Officially Announced

There are not many tournaments in the eSports world that are bigger than the annual League of Legends Worlds as Riot Games announced League...

Zonic to coach Question Mark TQM for 2016

Following rumors of zonic joining in mTw after the world-class former roster was back in action. In a tweet recently by the former TSM...

Zowie partners with BenQ to build a mega eSports brand

Zowie, the gaming peripherals company that we’ve all heard of is now part of BenQ. BenQ have invested a serious amount of their money into...

Riot games recorded 344 million viewers at LoL World Championship 2015

The League of Legends 2015 World Championship was an amazing success for Riot Games, having the championship games hosted over the course of October...

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