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Zowie partners with BenQ to build a mega eSports brand

Zowie, the gaming peripherals company that we’ve all heard of is now part of BenQ. BenQ have invested a serious amount of their money into Zowie, they have invested enough that BenQ and Zowie are now partners. This now makes Zowie the offical eSports brand for BenQ. And it will now be a famous favorite brand as Zowie partners with benq.

This is a massive change as far as BenQ is concerned because all the brandings on the products manufactured by either of the companies will hold a Zowie branding. And the company as a whole would be called as Zowie – The eSports brand by BenQ. On their website, it’s mentioned that: “All future BenQ e-sports merchandise will be introduced under the ZOWIE name. Combining the core competences of BenQ and ZOWIE, new ZOWIE-branded e-Sports devices will focus on ergonomics and personalization to provide innovations that truly enhance player performance and enjoyment.”

Zowie partners with BenQ

Zowie partners with benq

Zowie’s name will now be applied to all future products, which also includes their Gaming Monitors. Zowie has also revived some of their gaming mice, adding some minor modifications, for example the switches used. As well as that, they have introduced new mouse pads, and a new desk cable management accessory which showcases their new logo and colour scheme. Regardless of how there are no proper channels set for Zowie in India, gamers still find their way to get their products. And now that BenQ already has all its functionality active and revolving, we would see Zowie emerging into the marketing segments.

We will soon know more about the range of products from the officials.

Daniel is a YouTube editor based in Thailand, apart from devoting time in video editing he loves to write about the gaming news. Daniel is originally from the eSports city, Poland.


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