With the novel coronavirus grasping the world in a shroud of fear, people have been asked to stay indoors and avoid public gathering. As more people are forced inside the four walls of their homes with nothing particular to do, the number of users on popular streaming platforms have started spiking. From what it seems, people have taken to watching live stream of their favorite streamers to effectively kill time and fight boredom.

According to Stream Hatchet data, the hours watched on twitch has grown significantly since November with a massive spike of 10% in February. In the last few weeks, twitch has seen a massive 14% rise in its hours watched as compared March 11th to 17th back in 2019. On its twitter post, Stream Hatchet announced, “We’ve seen a 10% increase in the platforms audience since Nov ’19 & a 10% increase YoY.”

Even though major esports events have all been called off, it seems that twitch is booming with content creators churning out content for the people who are currently forced to stay indoors. The release of COD-Warzone during this period has been a cherry on top of the cake as it seems to be the current hub for twitch viewer engagement.