Dota 2 crosses 400k average players for the first time since November

The Coronavirus outbreak seems to have aided Dota 2's numbers as well, with the esport crossing 400k average players for the first time since November, 2019.

For a game that boasts of the highest single-event prizepool in all of esports, Dota 2 has been falling behind other popular disciplines in terms of average active players per month. The game has seen a lot of its player base eroded as the numbers for Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues its rise.

But, it seems the initial phase of the Coronavirus epidemic has helped Dota 2 soar back up a bit, with its average player base for February, 2020 crossing 400k for the first time since November, 2019. The average players for February, 2020 stood at 405,978 according to Steam Charts.

The player base saw an increase in March as well, with the figures for March currently at 412,000. Steam Charts project Dota 2 to return to their 2018 mark of 450,000 average players soon, with the Coronavirus epidemic a large reason for the same.

Dota 2 also broke the 700,000 peak players for the first time since November, 2019 and are expected to continue to record high numbers amidst this global health crisis. The esport though, still lags quite a fair way behind CSGO, which surpassed the 1 million peak players mark recently.

Let’s hope that Dota 2 can return to its former throne as esports events worldwide continue to be affected by the Coronavirus chaos.

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