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Student commits suicide after being scolded for playing PUBG Mobile

Another horrific incident involving the infamous battle royale title PUBG Mobile has come to light. 14 year Himanshu Kumar from Rajendra Nagar, Gopalganj has taken his own life after being rebuked by his family for overindulging in the game.

The incident took place on March 13th and is under the administration of the Gopalganj town police. Himanshu was a student of class 9th and the horrific deed was done in his own bedroom. Apparently, he was also disconsolate following a series of losses in the game and it all went overboard when the boy’s family lashed out on him. The air still seems hazy around the family’s aspect as an investigating officer added:

The family members are not cooperating with the police in the investigation and not willing to share more information. They are trying to conceal something.

A number of variables are involved in this case, right from the boy’s relatives agreeing with the parents’ stand to the family’s concealment of exact details. Although, it has been made clear that no note was found from the boy’s side.

This shocking incident reminds us of the dangers of overindulging, not just into games but into anything. It is the people’s responsibility to know their own limits and to be responsible enough while indulging in a particular game.

Prof. S Narayan, an anthologist addressed the issue of addiction to online games by adding:

The parents must pay attention to the changes in behaviour of their wards


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