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I am Frank, I am 14 which loves to play games. I have been playing and following E-Sports for over 3 years and have always wanted to write stuff for the current CSGO Scene. I have wrote articles on other websites and have coached and played in many teams so far. I sometimes do videos on youtube and stream on twitch.

OG win decider, enter playoffs

OG wins group decider game at CS Summit 7 against Dignitas. The Swedes failed to carry forward their momentum on Dust2 as they went...

Kings Gaming Club separates from its CSGO male roster

Kings Gaming Club has officially parted ways with its male CS:GO roster. As mentioned in the official statement, the organization and the team seem...

Opinions on the New CSGO Pro Team Roster Changes

Many teams this year have been doing many changes in their rosters and this is my opinion on how this can effect and change...


CS2’s Latest Patch Brings Bug Fixes and Graphics Enhancements

The latest patch for CS2 comes with changes ranging...

CSGO: Party Astronauts Wins Round After Getting Distracted by US Government

In a recent CSGO Tournament, Party Astronauts faced an...

Valorant Agent 24: All you need to know

Everything we know about the new Valorant Agent 24 so far!

MrBeast’s New $500,000 Challenge Faces Backlash from Community

MrBeast's "Spend 100 days in this locked room with a random stranger for $500,000" faces backlash over health concerns.

Twitch Employees Fear for Their Jobs as Layoffs Continue

With TwitchCon right around the corner, Twitch employees have...