Kings Gaming Club has officially parted ways with its male CS:GO roster. As mentioned in the official statement, the organization and the team seem to misalign when it comes to their respective visions going into 2018, prompting the immediate release of the roster.

The team has recently experienced issues cementing a five-man squad, ever since the removal of Travis “wizard” Richardson on Nov. 20th, 2017. The 21-year-old man had issues with “passion and commitment” towards the game, opting to vacate his slot on the roster effective immediately, allowing the team the opportunity to find another player to fill the spot.

Recent results haven’t been the worst for Kings, as the team managed to secure a placement at the WESG APAC Finals following a flawless performance at the qualifier for the event that took place early-December.

Whilst the roster was not technically entirely composed of players from Kings, hosting Tainted Minds’ Josh “INS” Potter and Chiefs eSports Club’s Liam “malta” Schembri, in order to adhere to the single nationality rule set for the tournament, the results were promising to say the least.

Additionally, the core was able to produced a solid 3-4th place finish in the Australian wing of ESEA Mountain Dew League Season 26 play-offs with Dylan “kyoto” Brown standing in.