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Opinions on the New CSGO Pro Team Roster Changes

Many teams this year have been doing many changes in their rosters and this is my opinion on how this can effect and change the teams in many ways. From Na`Vi to fnatic, every team has been undergoing some unexpected and major roster changes.

S1mple Joining Na’Vi – Opinion

ESL Pro League Season 4

When I first saw this, it was pretty shocking. They replaced him with ‘Zeus’ a long term player for Na’Vi of about 7 years and former In-Game leader although he was not kicked but placed as inactive in the team. I think in my opinion that S1mple can make a big change to Na’Vi for the better. He is a great player and is consistent. I think they can go big and go to at least the semi-finals of the upcoming tournaments although it will be a hard journey for him to play in a new team as his playstyle is a little different.

Fnatic & Godsent Roster Swaps


On the 15th of August, it was confirmed that 3 Fnatic players get swapped with 3 Godsent players. JW, Krimz & Flusha had been swapped with 3 Godsent players. The new Godsent is more or less the old Fnatic, they have a strong lineup with pronax being with them and leading them.

I think that Godsent will play much better as they had played before as a team and that they were a strong team before. Although I’m not sure about Fnatic. I do think they won’t be as successful as they were before but will still have the potential to win now and then. Also, I do wish to see the “old fnatic” now is godsent without olofmeister and see where they can go and how far they can do so.

Liquid’s New Pickup, Pimp

Team Liquid’s pickup up on Pimp after the ESL One Cologne, in my opinion, is a great change. They are testing the roster changes to find that one amazing player and I think Pimp is him. Pimp is a great player and great personality. I think that Pimp being in the new lineup is a great change and they have a lot of potential in winning tournaments and moving forward in their team. They will most likely be comfortable with him and all of them are okay with playing with him.

They will most likely be comfortable with him and all of them are okay with playing with him.

OpTic Picking up Tarik

On the August 20th, it was released that Stanislaw will be dropped out of OpTic and Tarik will be their 5th man. I do think this is something new for the whole team and would most likely move more into the tournaments. Tarik is a player where he is on-going with everyone and so I think that this pickup is not a mistake at all, Tarik will do great with them but it depends on where they put him and what role he will be given.

Overall Opinion: I do think it is a great change to see within the rosters of the professional teams as it brings more excitement on the game and more people will be looking forward more to see the new team rosters play and develop new strats.

I am Frank, I am 14 which loves to play games. I have been playing and following E-Sports for over 3 years and have always wanted to write stuff for the current CSGO Scene. I have wrote articles on other websites and have coached and played in many teams so far. I sometimes do videos on youtube and stream on twitch.
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