CS:GO is the most watched eSports game: Reports

most watched esports game

Newzoo, the e-marketing company from Netherland recently released a report on the industry shares of the major eSports game and the hours it dominated on Twitch. Surmising to which, the report concluded that the majority the games watched on Twitch in July 2016 were of CS:GO, way ahead of DotA 2 and League of Legends.

The figures are different from the most watched game on Twitch.

most watched esports game

Counter Strike: Global Offensive have had 60% of the shares of eSports hours on twitch, trailed behind by League of Legends with 26% and DotA 2 with 25%. Not to confuse with the most watched game which is League of Legends, most watched esports hour on twitch is different and the results are reported based on the algorithm created by Newzoo’s twitch tracker.

Most watched eSports game

most watched esports game
Most played eSports hour game

This eSports hour watched is different from the most watched game as it doesn’t pull the data from individuals or the professionals playing the games for hours. CS:GO led the figures in numbers which were totally¬†foreseen considering the Valve-sponsored major ESL One Cologne 2016 and Turner-backed ELEAGUE was conducted in the same month.