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Event wrap up: Zowie Extremesland India qualifiers

India is sprinting ahead, towards being a developed eSports nation and the day is not far that eSports will be officially recognized as a sport in our country too. Kudos to events such as these, which adds up to the credibility and exposure in the industry. Zowie Extremesland India qualifiers is a perfect example of the advent of revolution which we will witness.

We do have an unfavorable history of offering subsequent gaming experiences, but things have likely changed in this past years. When BenQ acquired Zowie last year, and announced a $100,000 Zowie event a couple of months ago, the speculation of the event eXTREMESLAND were positive from every possible aspect. And allotting India a slot in the International finals in Shanghai added feathers.

When an event is about to be publicly released, fortunately, we have an upper hand over getting the overview of the event before everybody else and the success of the event was predetermined from the time it entered into our inbox(es).

The event eXTREMESLAND was organized jointly by BenQ-Zowie and LXG in India of which the first section of the event – online qualifiers – were performed on the SoStronk platform. Subsequently, the LAN event where the top four derived from the online qualifiers would participate was scheduled on 20th and 21st of August. Two days were exclusively established for the play-offs which can be easily concluded in a day. Securing a good amount of time for uninvited technical and circumstantial delays was a good move.

Zowie Extremesland India qualifiers

The setups, the branding, the atmosphere, everything looked pretty good when we first entered the venue. Being on scheduled in India is a tedious job ironically, but things went swiftly on the first day at LXG. As the matches began on the second day, the prime setup for the players was different than the regular setup in the arena. There also was space allocated to the spectators and even media orgs. were duly credited. We have had already discussed the in-game matches with complete analysis so I will not be heading towards that, you can read the entire analysis there.

The execution and preparation of the event looked pleasantly planned, as everything was progressing smoothly.

Ratz and ShadeSlayer at the casting desk
Ratz and ShadeSlayer at the casting desk

There were people of the senior management from BenQ-Zowie who flew all the way from Taiwan to interact with the Indian community. People from LXG were also seen juggling all over the place to look after queries of spectators and participants. Journalists from all the other eSports media company were present to witness the fest.

The games were observed by RatZ and Shadeslayer from LXG and the Shoutcast-analysis were responsible held by Prashant and Sudhen from SoStronk. The experience which we gathered from the event was objective. Roughly a dozen of BenQ and LXG staffs collectively were managing stuff over the venue. Additionally, food arrangements were also made for the people present there including that from BenQ, Zowie, LXG, the participants and the media representatives.

The senior management from BenQ was actively being a part of the fest. Rajeev Singh, country head of BenQ accompanied the BenQ chief of Marketing & Communication, Taiwan, Penny Yu. Siddharth Nayyar was also extensively contributing to the fest with excel.

Zowie Extremesland India qualifiers
BenQ and LXG team at Zowie eXTREMESLAND

Anish Nemlekar, the administrator from SoStronk was also on point, eliminating all the doubts of the possible and unnecessary delays. Results of which came around pretty positive as the event were being progressed before schedule.

The viewpoint from the business perception also seemed worthy as even we have had our best of experiences, exploring the juncture.

Team Invictus

Team Invictus clinched the victory by beating Invisible Wings in the grand finals and they secured a slot in the international event scheduled in a couple of weeks in Shanghai, they will be flying to the main event on the expenses covered by BenQ.

Event photographs


Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport


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