Major shuffle in fnatic roster

fnatic roster

With what comes an unexpected number of players changed in the fnatic roster. GODSENT also seem to have been strengthen with the legendary players stepping in. Fnatic will lose JW, flusha and KRIMZ to acquire wenton, twist and Lekr0.

 fnatic roster

The changes come after fnatic failed to perform in the past 8 months, the team who dominated the year 2015 had issues going on soon after ‘pronax’ was dropped, and people were expecting shuffles, but a shuffle of this level which will entirely change the whole Swedish Counter Strike scenario was never seen. Fnatic failed to win even a single trophy in their disappointing run since December.

Fnatic now have Olofmeister, dennis, wenton, Lekr0 and twist, whereas their counter part GODSENT now have KRIMZ, flusha, JW, pronax and znajder. (fnatic – olofmeister  + znajder from 2015)


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