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Aathityaa Swaminathan

Don Toliver x Fortnite Collab: Release Date, Leaks & What to Expect

Fortnite is at it again with another exciting collaboration, this time with musical artist Don Toliver! Rumors are swirling about a custom Creative map called "Hardstone" and a potential release date in June. Read on to learn more about this exciting crossover event.

All the VCT and Valorant Champion Winners From the Past

Valorant, developed by Riot Games has seen overwhelming support from the community and has already seen multiple stars along with exciting tournaments come out...

Most Dangerous Valorant Hackers Ever

Have you ever encountered a hacker who annoyed you to the point where you found Vanguard useless? It’s the worst feeling of sinking, where there...

Honkai: Star Rail Showcase the 2 New Endgame Modes in the Upcoming Version 2.3

The upcoming version of Honkai: Star Rail is about to say goodbye to the adventures in the land of the dreams. But like the...

How to Improve Your Aim in CS2?

Having a grasp of any game’s mechanics always gives you the ability to maximize your potential, and helps you excel at climbing the ladders...

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