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COD Warzone Meta: Top Guns You Can Use in July 2024

Playing with the meta is one of the strongest strategies to excel at a game, and that’s why we have curated a list of the best warzone guns just for you!

What are some of the best guns in Warzone?

The game in itself has been on a steep innovation curve over the recent past where there have been new maps, weapons, and even gameplay mechanics with the latest Call of Duty releases. The game has transitioned through multiple fictional nations throughout the Modern Warfare series even, but what makes the game much more interesting is the fact that the battle royale mode when combined with the Resurgence mode which is getting an all-time high influx of new players make it the best time in the game’s lifecycle to know which weapons are in meta to outperform your opponents.

Here are some of the best Call of Duty Warzone guns

Well, the biggest advantage on the field is knowing which weapons are to be used in the arena and which ones have to be left alone, so here are some of the best weapons in Warzone with the reasoning behind why you should pick them.

  • Kar98k
  • Superi 46
  • DG 58 LSW
  • BP50
  • MCW
  • Striker
  • MTZ 556
  • Rival 9 
  • Holger 26
  • WSP Swarm
  • BAS B
  • COR 45
  • Lockwood 680 
  • BAS P

Starting with none other than the,


An extremely popular fast marksman rifle which was one of the flagship guns in PUBG as well, has enough power to stop someone with a single shot from up to 70 meters and with a good loadout, can also have extended range. With right positioning on the map and with enough firepower, this weapon will let you take on entire squads of enemies by yourself.

Superi 46

This gun is a highly adaptable SMG that can fit into any fight in mid-range or in close quarters. The Superi 46 has loadouts that enable it to fire at a velocity while controlling recoil helping you to run this as your secondary choice with a sniper for when things get “road housed” 


Ahh yes, the classic LMG. This weapon is an LMG that has the handling of an assault rifle. How so? You may ask, to which the answer is its effective range without bullet drop and its ability to have its recoil controlled through attachments – which are usually gripes with LMGs when compared to ARs. This gun lets you take fights at any distance and can also be very beginner-friendly due to its magazine size.


The BP50 was one of the latest additions to the game in Season 2 Warzone Battle pass, where the gun dominated the mid-range weapons when kitted properly. This weapon has an insane rate of fire and once someone is accustomed to its recoil pattern, has the stopping power to take down multiple opponents in a single magazine making it an excellent choice for both Warzone and Resurgence.


As the name suggests, the KATT-AMR is by far the best choice for long-range fights in the game with exceptional bullet velocity and damage making it a two-shot target-hit weapon allowing for enemies even with the slightest amount of HP missing to be downed immediately. 


If you prefer traditional assault rifles over SMGs, this gun is just for you. The MCW when customized with the right accessories offers a fast bullet velocity and improved recoil control without the penalty of movement speed that ARs bring to the table. This gun, very aptly for a reason, is one of the best beginner-friendly options in the game that can get the job done. 


One of the better SMGs right before the latest update nerfed them, but can be made better with the proper loadout when paired as a secondary with other potent long-range weapons like the Kar98k.

MTZ 556

Very much like the MCW, the MTZ 556 is one of the weapons that you can refer to as the “heavyweight classic” with it being one of the first ARs you got to unlock in Modern Warfare 3 making it one of the most popular picks in the game and even now in Warzone. What makes the gun fantastic isn’t the fact that the recoil is easy to control, but that its magazine is a 50-round drum that allows you to spray and pray, while you down all of your opponents (as long as you play with your eyes open and don’t miss all of your shots)


SMGs are often frowned upon due to their handling and damage fall-off, but in Warzone, in the battle royale game mode, the Rival 9 is well-equipped to handle enemies at all ranges. Adding this to your arsenal in the secondary slot will help you be more mobile while at the same time, helping you eliminate anyone who fights you in close quarters. This gun just is one of those weapons that allows you to roam the map worry-free.

Holger 26

Yet another LMG that is highly reliable where with the right loadout can bring excellent recoil control and can attach a 4x scope – for long-range combat. Although we don’t recommend it, when times are tough, you gotta do what you have to do. But what we can vouch for is the Holger 26’s ability to pin down enemies with the suppression fire when playing with squadmates to avoid calling for attention on the map.

WSP Swarm

Often a very difficult option to recommend to beginners due to its EXTREMELY high rate of fire, is a weapon that when once you’re able to control should leave you with one of the deadliest secondary weapons on your hands. The only gripe is to remember that this gun suffers from extremely high vertical recoil due to its fire rate and pulling your mouse down when firing is the only tactic to counter the spring back.


In the past, the weapons dictated to be strong in certain Metas have been due to their availability, the map size, and also due to the overall strength of the weapon. But since Urzikstan is around the same size as the Verdansk, the BAS-B has managed to maintain its exceptional performance even in the latest patch. The gun especially thrives in the mid-range where it can take down enemies with just a few body shots.

COR 45

A powerful secondary pistol, when upgraded using the XRK IP-V2 conversion kit is no joke. The aftermarket part turns the weapon into a makeshift SMG, which when bringing its mobility and magazine seize can give you best of the both worlds without having you give up a massive edge with your vest. 

Lockwood 680 

You may think it’s a meme, but stay assured it’s not. When used in the right range, shotguns in Warzone can help you chase down rival players and take on unexpected flanks where you can take the most advantage of them inside buildings where close-quarter gunfights are bound to start. Pair this with a long-range gun and you should survive through the initial minutes of the game without sweating it!


Last, but certainly not least is the BAS-P which can rip through enemies thanks to the fire rate; and its ability to get you out of sticky situations with damage to mobility ratio. Check this gun out within the game to know what it can do best when coming to mid-range fights. 

Hopefully, we’ve covered every weapon you could need in Warzone in the current meta. Combining these guns with the perfect loadout will help you squeeze maximum value out of them and once you call in a loadout drop in-game, you should be able to breeze through the rest of the game!

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