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Aathityaa Swaminathan

Beyond Call of Duty: Top 5 FPS Games Similar to COD

Call of Duty has existed for more than a decade and is one of the highest-quality first-person shooters in the game stores today. Even...

Is Ranked Play Worth It In Every Call of Duty?

From the highs of Black Ops 2 to the delayed launches of Modern Warfare, we analyze the state of Ranked Play in Call of Duty. Discover which titles had the best competitive modes and what to expect from Black Ops 6.

How to Inspect CS2 Skins & Sticker Crafts?

There exists a thriving community around the skin market in CS2 which you might or might not know about, although there is something cool...

Top Crosshair Codes & Settings for Valorant Console

Finding the perfect crosshair isn’t a one-time activity, but a cumulative effort of multiple instances, trying to find the one that just hits the...

How to Earn Kingdom Credits in Valorant?

Valorant’s Episode 7 rehaul introduced a brand new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits, which allows for purchases of new agents and accessories in the...

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