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Fariha B

Esports aficionado, filter-free writer and a try-hard gamer.

How Gaben became Paris Major’s highlight without even attending it

Gaben just let its final chance to redeem years of CSGO neglect slip through by not appearing at the major. But is it really...

CSGO Paris Major recap: Everything that went down at Accor Arena 

If you live under a rock and didn't follow only the biggest CSGO event ever, here's a full recap of CSGO Paris Major and...

Heroic is out of Danish rivals’ shadow, courtesy of CadiaN

Astralis spearheaded the Danish counter-strike for years. So, when the team hit a snag, fans looked at Heroic, but Astralis' shadow loomed. It seems...

Will Valve celebrate CSGO’s 10th anniversary?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is turning ten in August, and Valve may have something planned to mark the event.  CSGO has played a crucial role in...

Valorant agent 20 kit leaked: Is Bounty Hunter better than Sova?

Bounty Hunter is entering as Sova and Cypher's direct competitor. Now that the leaks have revealed the Valorant agent 20 kit, players wonder if...

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