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Will Valve celebrate CSGO’s 10th anniversary?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is turning ten in August, and Valve may have something planned to mark the event. 

CSGO has played a crucial role in chiseling the first-person shooter genre since its release in 2012. The number one go-to game has curated an FPS ecosystem that continues to give. In 2022, there are many contemporary rivals that appeal to the modern audience, but CSGO stays a constant title in players’ gaming libraries. 

In 2022, CSGO will complete a decade, and fans are thrilled. Valve isn’t the most involved parent when it comes to its Labor of Love. But, recent patch updates have undoubtedly become more regular. Considering the consistent attention from Valve, players wonder if CSGO’s 10th anniversary would be anything special. 


Valve announces CSGO10 contest for CSGO’S 10th anniversary

The celebrate CSGO’s 10th anniversary, Valve has announced a community-based event. CSGO10 is a sticker contest that’d pit the community’s creatives against each other. 

Since the game’s release in 2012, Valve has curated an inventory that features some of the wildest in-game cosmetics in FPS. But, CSGO players have continued to roll out their personal takes on weapon skins.

The developer is finally providing an opportunity for players to showcase their talent. The CSGO10 contest will allow players to submit their stickers for the birthday capsule.  

The stickers aren’t mandated to have a birthday theme. Designers can play around with different CSGO-related concepts concocted in any style.

But, all designs must be authentic, with the exception of Counter-Strike logos. These designs will later be added to a capsule, marking CSGO’s 10th anniversary. 

There will undoubtedly be thousands of submissions, so make sure yours is entered correctly. Valve will only take entries tagged with “CSGO10” in the title, e.g., CSGO10 | Sticker Name.

This will make the sorting process easier. Submissions without a tag may go unnoticed. Previous workshop submissions are eligible for the capsule, just make sure to tag them so we can find them more easily.

All submissions for this event must be completed and submitted to the workshop by July 21, 2022. So, players have plenty of time to whip up an eye-catching sticker. The capsule will release on or around CSGO’s 10th birthday, August 21, 2022. 

When was CSGO released? 

CSGO was released on August 21, 2022, as the fourth installment in the franchise. The renowned video game Half-Life was developed by Valve in 1998.

Counter-Strike was first released as a mod to Half-Life on June 19, 1999. Since then, Valve has rolled out various Counter-strike spin-offs and leading games. 

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