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Nuke Callouts in CS2: A Beginner’s Guide

Conquer Nuke Like a Pro: Essential Callouts for CT & T Sides

Nuke has been a classic map within the Counter-Strike franchise ever since the initial launch of Counter Strike 1.6 until the latest iteration CS2. The map demands a blend of pre-firing and strategy due to the sites being vertically layered. The map is vast with a wide variety of places that your opponents could camp at and if you are looking for the best information on all the Nuke callouts in CS2, we’ve got you covered! 

This article will cover all the basic features of the map and will also delve deeper into the intricacies of the CS2 map – Nuke callouts.

But, what are CS2 callouts?

Well, every map has a set of places or spots where either your teammates will ask you to hold or common spots where enemies might enter from or camp, whose names help you to immediately know the position of a target in the game without having to look at the map or search for them mindlessly. Ideally, whichever side you are playing on, the map Nuke – has a unique layout with verticality making the callouts in this map very difficult.

Here are some Nuke CS2 callouts if you are a CT

As a CT it is important to know all the callouts from where you can position yourself to expect enemies from or are useful when planning to pre-fire during a site retake – post plant. So here are some important Nuke CS2 callouts as a CT: 

  • Outside
  • Lobby
  • A Main
  • A Ramp
  • B Bottom Ramp
  • B Doors
  • B Window
  • B Vent
  • B Back Vent

These callouts should help you plan your rotations and catch Ts off guard. For more information, you can search each of these callouts on YouTube to know the exact locations.

Here are some Nuke CS2 callouts if you are a T

On the T side, as soon as you start rushing, your objective is to get the bomb planted or assist the planter reach the site. Since the game is designed in a way to help CTs take control of the site initially, you’re not just calling spots from where you have to clear the path, but essentially also spots where CTs could be hiding!

So here are some callouts to look out for:

  • Tunnels
  • Lockers
  • Garage
  • Rafters
  • Heaven
  • B Dark
  • Secret

CS2’s map Nuke has a lot of open areas where the CTs can hide out in corners and also camp at the bombsite where any small advantage in the initial stages of the round can lead to a snowball effect eventually leading to some nasty round losses.

Behind the looking glass, Nuke a CS2 Map

The map is quite complicated when looking at a flat image due to the vertical nature of the bomb sites as mentioned before. But as soon as you hop onto the map, Nuke callouts should make sense immediately. Here is a map for you to refer to when doing so: 

The most important step is to get into a practice map and get the positional-spatial understanding, and in no time the CS2 Nuke callouts shouldn’t feel very intimidating. Try to only give callouts you can recollect which otherwise can cause very confusing situations!

For more such guides around CS2, stay tuned to Talkesport.

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