G2 Esports signs huNter- and nexa, benches Lucky

After getting knocked out of the semifinals at ESL One New York 2019, G2 Esports has announced changes to its Counter-Strike roster.

You could soon see a different title instead of Terrorists & Counter Terrorists in...

Team Titles may change in CSGO soon; Terrorists, Counter Terrorists to be replaced with new terms

CSGO: Everything you need to know about the new Cache

The remade Cache seems to be favouring the CTs with all the new map changes.

EG beat Astralis to win ESL One New York 2019

Tarik & Co. Won the first title with the new organisation.

Valve finally reveals the new updated Cache at ESL One New York

The highly anticipated remake of the fan-favourite CSGO map Cache is finally here.

Did FaZe Clan make a mistake by picking up coldzera?

The Brazilian CSGO star had the worst performance of his career with FaZe at ESL One New York.

Will EG put an end to the Astralis era at ESL One New York?

EG and Astralis will fight it out for the championship at ESL One New York grand finals which will take place today at 12 pm CT.

Valve will release the remade Cache in October

The new Cache will be released in October.

ESL Pro Tour Masters Championships announced with $1 million prize pool

ESL disclosed the ESL Pro Tour Masters Championships prize pools

Astralis defeat Team Liquid at ESL One New York semifinals

Astralis defeated Team Liquid 2-1 today to qualify for the ESL One New York grand finals.

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