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Valve made a duped CSGO skin for the first time since 2016

For the first time in eight years, CS:GO has reportedly duped one of their famous and rare skins. 

Nearly a month ago, the most expensive inventory in Counter Strike : Global Offensive worth around $2 million was hacked which ranged from a plethora of Blue Gem items to several units of AWP | Souvenir Dragon Lore.

Every item which HFB lost in the scam was relocated back to his inventory with several trades being undone by Steam Support. His items which were listed on BUFF and sold to the public were successfully retrieved although it forced the website to issue refunds. People who bought HFB’s items from the Steam community market were given no compensation despite legitimately getting the items in exchange for steam wallet funds.

Among HFB’s collection was a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore which still awaits tracking as its new owner successfully dodged Valve’s detection technique who reportedly has either packed the skin up in a storage container or has been traded off through several burner Steam accounts.

For the first time since 2016, Valve has duped the missing Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore to be delivered to HFB. As far as today, the idea of duping was scrapped by CS:GO and Valve but the current circumstance had the developers commit to returning the lost item.

The duped item is an AWP | Souvenir Dragon Lore with a float value of 0.0677 which has been ruled out as the most expensive item from HFB’s inventory. It was sold for a total of $134,000 on the chinese marketplace Buff163 and hasn’t been tracked down since.

With the above skin duped by Valve, there are now 2 of them on the planet, one with HFB and the other which still exists somewhere and under the hold of its new owner. 

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